Albert Klütsch

What's the matter with o n c e travelling ? The whole life is a unique, and miraculous trip. Eric Fromm put it for me in a poetic sentence: „The Lord has given the whole world to the humans, some were satisfied with 400 sqm“. Indeed: Real estate keeps you static.Mobile people run to discover their lifes by travelling.

There isn't much to do: curious to learn about the new, draw attention to other, have a great mind to the strange things – and you make your fortune: Carpe diem! Don't look for, find it! And at the very end of the day you discover your „alter ego“, the other me in the mirror of your desires.

Well, travelling is like a drug, a mania, you never can get rid of any more, once you fall in love with travelling – Travelling is the art to take a rest.

You are not on duty to see everything and everybody, but what you see and experience will be put deeply in your memory, where nobody can take it away anymore. Memories are tracks to eternity.

Let's track in common through this wonderful world:
„We love the extraordinary“

Wesseling, December 2014

Albert Klütsch


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